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Fan Tutorials

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This is an art/fanwork based community for tutorials. From tutorials on how to draw hands (traditional art tutorials), to tutorials how to create nifty color effects in a fanart (digital art tutorials), to tutorials in building props and/or costumes and costume parts (cosplay tutorials).

Mandatory header for each tutorial post:

Title: (example: How to make the Master Sword/How to Draw Feet, etf)
Fandom: (Zelda, Harry Potter etc etc, or general)
Fanwork Type: (Props, Cosplay, Sculpture/Maquettes, Traditional Art/Animation, Digital Art)
Difficulty: (Easy, Intermediate, Advanced, Hard)
Additional notes: (if you have any warnings or extra notes)
Lj-cut or Link:


1) Be respectful. Critiquing if fine, but be respectful to each other. Watchers, please leave feedback for those who create tutorials. They're putting a lot of work into them.

2) You must use the header for every post, and you must use an LJ-cut or link. Do not post your tutorial without a cut.

3) Your tutorial must be accompanied by pictures/photos, diagrams, examples to illustrate the steps you took as well. No text only entries.

4) If you want to do a tutorial on a complete costume, you may do them in parts (example: tutorial for a skirt, tutorial for sleeves or crown, etc) if you'd likd.

5) Cosplay, prop, sculpture tutorials must include a material list and examples of places where to find them, if you can. Digital art tutorials should make it clear what program you used.

6) Icon/Fanfiction/Photomanip tutorials aren't allowed here.

7) You may do double tutorials, meaning if someone else created a tutorial on the same thing, you may do a tutorial on it, as long as your tutorial is a different method and/or result from theirs. No claiming subjects.

Supported areas are: fanart/drawing (traditional art and digital art areas), animation, painting, sculpting, sewing/cosplay, and prop-making.

If you have a question about these rules or anything else, feel free to e-mail me.