Famira ( large icon batches) (famira) wrote in fan_tutorials,
Famira ( large icon batches)

Lineartless Coloring Tutorial

Title: How to do lineartless coloring (Alphonse Elric from FMA)
Fandom: Full Metal Alchemist
Fanwork Type: Digital Art
Difficulty: Intermediate
Additional notes: Well, everyone does stuff differently, but the principle is always the same - start light/rough and keep working in shadows and highlights until you start seeing the finished product emerging. It can be a bit disheartening in the beginning because the colored layers can look like blobs. However, doing it the way I kinda-sorta outlined will produce something a bit like the Al pic (I also used the same technique for this: http://www.deviantart.com/view/22464496/). I used Deleter CG Illust for the Al pic, which is like Open Canvas, and Shi Painter (oekaki program) for the Gawl pic.
Lj-cut or Link:

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